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Driven by a passion for education and a strong need for IT integration and cloud management, we are committed to supporting and guiding schools.

Educating Technology

Who is EDU-Tech?

Welcome to EDU-Tech, your dedicated education partner since January 2013, founded by entrepreneurial teacher and IT administrator Kurt Roosbeek. Driven by a passion for education and a strong need for IT integration and cloud management, we are committed to supporting and guiding schools.

At EDU-Tech, it’s not just about technology, it’s also about people. Our talented business leader, Casper Naudts, joined our team in 2016, bringing his vast knowledge and expertise. Thanks to his insight, he has effortlessly integrated cloud applications with modern network hardware, making your school future-ready. Everyone is always impressed by his “just like this” solutions and rapid interventions.

Since 2020, Seppe Dekeyser and Jochem de Jaeghere have also joined our team, giving us two programmers with knowledge and expertise on board too. Their energy drives us to also develop our own platforms and solutions for schools when there is no alternative on the market that works well in terms of quality.

After spending years on the team as a student, then gaining experience in the IT sector, Kwinten Delrue joined us in 2023 to continue supporting customers and delivering solutions in the Microsoft Azure environment.

Kurt Roosbeek, EDU-Tech CEO

Kurt Roosbeek

Manager, Licensing, Cloud & Training

Casper Naudts, EDU-Tech CEO

Casper Naudts

Manager, Licensing, Network and Cloud Expert

Jochem de Jaegere

Full-Stack Developer

Seppe Dekeyser

Full-Stack Developer

Kwinten Delrue

Licensing, Azure & Cloud Expert

Our creative education team

The EDU-Tech mission?

Our mission at EDU-Tech is to help you find the right solutions that are both cost effective and business efficient. We understand that every school is unique, which is why we tailor our services to your specific needs. Our team of experts is always ready to support you and your staff with in-depth training and support. You can already see this in our name, EDU-Tech. Educating Technology is what we do and support.

At EDU-Tech, we believe in continuous growth and innovation. Each year we adapt to the changing needs of our clients and strive to maintain a close-knit and fresh approach. Our extensive experience and knowledge gained through multiple partnerships with leading companies and consultants make us the forerunner in the EDU-TECH industry. We prefer partnership over corporate growth. Thus, we do not sell laptop projects ourselves, but rather work with partner companies that offer proven quality and expertise for this purpose. 

We never lose sight of our personal contact. To us, no one is a customer number. We know each school we help personally and are committed to building a relationship of trust. At EDU-Tech, you call Casper, Kurt and Kwinten. At busy times you also get Jochem and Seppe on the line. But always the same people, for more than 10 years!

Choose EDU-Tech today and get one step ahead of the future of education with our Microsoft expertise. We are ready to transform your school and guide you every step of your education journey. Contact us for a personal consultation and find out how we can take your educational institution to new heights!





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Need ICT solutions?

Explore our offer and experience our super fast service and quality.


As a certified education partner and Global Training Partner, we can provide the licenses you need inexpensively. This from the likes of Microsoft, Adobe and other vendors.

For education prices, check out our MSKIS page in advance.


Through our website you can access webinars, videos and manuals .
We are also happy to visit with our teachers to organize on-site training.

We organize free training and guidance for the IT staff, to education customers who purchase the Microsoft licenses through us.

Support & Consultancy

Need a project or IT staff member. We are ready to support you with any IT question. For example, we support the local IT managers in your school and jump in when problems arise.

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